Pyrenean Mastiff Health Testing Requirements

The below health tests are required for all breeding dogs (dams and/or sires) of US PMUSA breeders. Foreign breeders and stud owners must comply with the health testing requirements of their country's club. If you have any questions regarding what a specific country requires please reach out to us.

Embark Genetic Testing

One of the requirements of the Pyrenean Mastiffs USA club is that all US PMUSA breeders must complete the Embark panel for genetic testing. There are select dogs grandfathered to not require Embark testing if they tested with MyDogDNA prior to January 1st, 2018.

Upon request breeders should provide you with a link that can be in either of these formats: or, the link should take you to a page that is similar to this where you should be able to see at minimum the "Health" tab for the dog indicating if a dog is a carrier or at risk of any conditions.


Embark for Pets

Embark is beneficial not only to breeders but also to pet owners, knowing if your dog is at risk for a condition can help your vet with managing your dog's health. Embark allows for the genetic testing results to be emailed directly to your vet. In regard to the Pyrenean Mastiff we urge even pet owners to test their dogs so that we can have DNA on record to assist with future studies into the breeds health. If your dog has a condition, submitting a veterinary diagnosis into Embark along with completing the test will help the breed in the long term with identifying conditions that we may be able to test for in the future.

How to Order a Discounted Kit

You can order your discounted kit ($40 off, total $139) via this link Pyrenean Mastiff Embark Discount or via In order to get the discount code please email us at or contact us on Facebook. Please note that this discount code is only available to purebred Pyrenean Mastiffs.

OFA Database for Hips and Elbows

Our other health testing requirement for the Pyrenean Mastiff is OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Hips and Elbows. This means that dogs are xrayed for both Hip and Elbow dysplasia prior to breeding. Below is an example of what you will see in the public database for a specific dog that has been radiographed. For a full list of Pyrenean Mastiffs that have been x-rayed you can view them here: Pyrenean Mastiff OFA results

For chart to see hip comparison to FCI ratings Click Here.