Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club Officers

President - Meghan Adams

Vice President - TBD

Secretary - TBD

Treasurer - Patricia Van Nelson

Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club Board Members

Steve Lombardi

Mary Sudhop

Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club Breeding Committee

Breeding Committee Chair - TBD

Tracy Simmons

Victoria Betterton

Wendy Ponzio

Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club LGD Committee

LGD Committee Chair - Meghan Adams

Dale A Camp-Nader

Charles Hopson

Phyllis Hopson

Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club Show Committee

Show Committee Chair - To Be Determined

Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club Shop Manager

Mary Sudhop

Current Member Count: 64

Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club

The Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club was started by several breed enthusiasts from the United States (US) who wanted a club that would encourage networking, friendships, and support for each other! Most importantly, the founders wanted to educate future members and the public on the Pyrenean Mastiff and how to best ensure its health and future prosperity. The Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Club is working towards American Kennel Club (AKC) recognition for the breed which is an extremely important goal for the future success of the Pyrenean Mastiff in the United States. The Pyrenean Mastiff is already recognized internationally with Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) affiliated clubs and the Australian National Kennel Council. AKC recognition will provide additional educational opportunities for both breeders and owners, as well as allow our club to participate in addressing legislative changes that impact purebred dogs.

Our position with AKC

AKC does not control what happens to our breed; therefore, some people’s claim that AKC ruins breeds is blatantly false. The fact is, breeders with their individual breeding philosophy and the national breed club with its control of the breed standard, affects what happens to a breed, not the AKC. Similarly, other county clubs are the guardian of the breed in their respective countries.

Our responsibilities as a club:

  1. Ensure our breed standard remains aligned with the FCI standard so that we don’t create a unique USA version of the Pyrenean Mastiff. This will facilitate breeding between each country's clubs which helps to ensure the genetic health of the breed.
  2. Develop breeding guidance that ensures breeders breed for the health, temperament and genetic diversity within the breed standard.
  3. Conduct breed education for club members and breeders, the public, and AKC judges ensuring that all view our breed through the same lense which is the breed standard. Several club officers met with Rafael Malo Alcrudo, the author of the FCI breed standard, this past March. He provided guidance on how to interpret and prioritize the standard. This knowledge is being used to develop all club educational material. For those that do not know Rafael Malo Alcrudo, here is a short biography - Rafael Malo Alcrudo
  4. Mentor new breeder's so that all understand the club’s breeding guidance and the reason for it.
  5. Track health and pedigrees to ensure that we can catch any trends in health that may be detrimental to the breed.
  6. Providing a support network to new Pyrenean Mastiff puppy owners.
  7. Maintain our club’s Articles of Incorporation and ByLaws.
    Club Bylaws
  8. Conduct general club membership meetings where members fully participate in all major club decisions, have the opportunity to seek clarity on topics, and offer suggestions to the body-at-large.
  9. Maintain committees that focus on specific aspects of the breed or club activities.
  10. Maintain a breeder code of conduct and breeding guidance holding all member breeders to a minimum standard.
    Code of Conduct
    Breeding Guidance
  11. Conduct club breed Specialty Shows and, until breed recognition, FSS and Miscellaneous Open Shows.
  12. Lastly, support a network of rescues for the Pyrenean Mastiff. While our code of conduct requires our breeders to accept back dogs that are abandoned by their owners, or where there is a serious medical issue with a sold puppy, the rescues offer assistance to all Pyrenean Mastiffs of non-club members and those that fall through the cracks.

PMUSA maintains a high standard to ensure that our club does its absolute best for the breed. What AKC recognition does for us is allow us to no longer need FCI registration through the Federatión Cañofila de Puerto Rico (FCPR) in order to import and export puppies/dogs. It also allows our dogs to compete in various AKC competitions and activities providing valuable education to Pyrenean Mastiff owners, breeders and those that judge the breed. PMUSA takes the role of guardian of the breed here in the US very seriously. We hope you consider joining our efforts by becoming a club member.