Pyrenean Mastiffs USA Member Application

Membership is from January 1st to December 31st, you can opt to pay for the current year, membership starting next year or both. There are several Membership types some that include voting and some that do not. Please read each of the descriptions below before selecting.

Single $30
- This is a single person membership that has voting rights.
Household $50
- Household includes primary member, spouse, and children under 18. Every member of the household has voting rights. After payment you gain access to the system you can add additional household members. Only members parents can vote with this membership.
Foreign $20
- This membership is for those who are outside of the United States who wish to follow what is going on within the club, this membership does not include voting.
Junior $10
- This membership is for any minors under 18 who wish to participate in club and to follow the breed within the United States independently of the household. This membership does not include voting.

Primary Member Information

Select Other Country for Foreign Addresses

Membership Details

You must read and check to agree to the following items. Even if you are not a breeder you should review and agree to the breeding guidance.

Breeding Guidance
Code of Conduct
Constitution and Bylaws