Finn the Pyrenean Mastiff watching his Yaks
We have found that the Pyrenean Mastiff is a loyal, cheerful and loving companion. Our Pyrenean Mastiff adores children, is confident and does not bark just to hear himself. Playful, alert and a natural at watching over our farm. The best dog ever!
Elara the Pyrenean Mastiff laying down for a nap
Did you know our dogs come from all over Europe, the breed can be found not only in Spain but in Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, and more.
Beren the Pyrenean Mastiff hanging out in the woods
In the 1930s and 1940s, the disappearance of the wolf and bear from the Pyrenees Mountains, the new reliance on rail to transport sheep, and the Spanish Civil War followed by World War II and a scarcity of food almost led to the total loss of the Mastiffs of Aragon.
Donatello the Pyrenean Mastiff with his Chicken
Donatello watching over his chicken's in Georgia.
Finn the Pyrenean Mastiff watching over his Yaks
Stone grey represents the Pyrenean Mountains the origin of the Pyrenean Mastiff, centuries of duty, rock solid love and devotion, and a pillar of strength.
The Pyrenean Mastiff is a livestock guardian breed native to Spain. Even today the breed still continues to excel at protecting livestock in various parts of the world. They are gaining popularity amongst farmers and ranchers in the United States.
Mito the Pyrenean Mastiff with his Alpaca
Crimson represents the brave heart of a protector with the willingness to sacrifice all for the ones they love. Yet still a gentle heart and beloved friend.
We were looking for a giant breed dog with relatively few health issues and a fairly decent life span for its’ size and the Pyrenean Mastiff fit that description. I had some hesitation in buying a Livestock Guardian Dog as a house pet but seven months on, I realize that I shouldn’t have thought twice about it. Even-tempered and calm is how I would best describe ours. He is as smart as a whip and has been easy to train as long as I get up each morning and look in the mirror and repeat the mantra, “I am the alpha dog.” He has quickly picked up the do's and don’ts although he is mischievous enough to see if I am paying attention. He is wonderfully gentle with very young children and small animals, non-plussed by thunder and not terribly bothered if he is left alone. Three words to describe him? Content, gentle & affectionate. Advice if you are considering the breed - socialization and training - never let them believe you are anything but the boss.
Loki the Pyrenean Mastiff as a puppy
Loki the Pyrenean Mastiff showing off how cute he is as a puppy.

Pyrenean Mastiff from Spain
At one point the Pyrenean Mastiff was very popular in Spain but due to the Spanish Civil War people could no longer financially support such a large dog which led to a decline in popularity.


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